Mortgage Loan Setup

Our mortgage loan setup services include tasks that are typically time-consuming and a burden for your existing staff, such as putting the loan documents into proper stacking order, requesting an FHA case number, or ordering a verification of employment. Nationwide helps lenders achieve significant savings by providing a lower-cost workforce to perform these tasks.

With over 20,000 loans under our belt, we have the experience to perform mortgage routine loan setup services and can add considerable value to your production model.

Nationwide begins every relationship by speaking to a client’s management to explore their particular workflow, technologies used, current staff capabilities, volume projections and cost-savings goals.  With this information in hand, we identify those tasks that, when outsourced, will optimize the time and skills of in-house resources.

Because Nationwide works on a 24-hour work cycle, clients gain the benefit of shorter cycle times.  That means when a processor comes to work in the morning, much of the work is already done, and the processor can focus on higher-value tasks instead.