Contract Loan Processing

Finding good mortgage processors is a challenge. Many candidates often have little experience and the few experienced processors out there demand top wages. On top of all this you have loan volumes that are fluctuating depending on what interest rates are doing that day. These are challenges every mortgage originating company has to deal with…how to find a solid mortgage processing staff and ensure their being used most effectively.

We take care of recruiting, training, and retaining mortgage processing staff.

Nationwide Processing provides an effective solution – turn-key contract mortgage processing that can work for any size mortgage origination company. What is more, you pay us by the loan, not a fixed monthly fee.  This provides you a way to align your operational costs with revenue, even during market fluctuations. Nationwide’s staff of processors average over 10 years of experience.  You get the same one-on-one attention to your loans that you do with an in-house processor, the same visibility of your pipeline, and the same control over your files.

What You Get

Contract Loan Processing Features

  • Order appraisal and title
  • Verify disclosures are accurate and complete 
  • Review credit report, bank statements, pay stubs & W-2’s
  • Clear underwriting conditions
  • Coordinate closing schedule
  • Assemble a Post Closing loan package
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