At Nationwide Processing, we help originators focus on what they do best: originating loans. Through years of experience we have created systems and processes that allow us to more efficiently tackle the administrative tasks associated with mortgage loan origination.

Why Outsource?

With the recent emphasis on regulations and compliance, the cost to originate and close loans has steadily increased.  When Nationwide performs all preprocessing functions for you, you save time and money. We don’t replace your in-house processing team, but augment it by taking the “checklist” items off your plate.

At Nationwide Processing we’re exclusively focused on mortgage production services. That means we can cut the costs associated with administrative functions and complete the work faster.

Close loans more quickly and at a lower cost

At Nationwide Processing we can typically cut the costs associated with the administrative functions and have the work completed in a faster manner since we’re only focused on Mortgage Production Services.

Services Offered:

  • Mortgage Loan Setup – We will take care of the administrative tasks that come up after a loan application is taken, so that a more complete file is delivered to your processing team.
  • Closing Services – Our closing services ensure you have a dedicated closer on your files so that work is done expeditiously, from underwriting to funding.
  • Post Closing Services – A dedicated post closer is assigned to the file to ensure the file meets investor guidelines and is sold in an expedited fashion.
  • Mortgage Quality Control – Quality control services cover both pre-funding audits and post-closing audits required by agencies and lenders.