About Us

Nationwide Processing has provided outsourced mortgage production services to brokers, bankers and lenders for over 10 years.  Our suite of services has proven to cut production times while also greatly reducing costs.

Our team is made up of seasoned executives with deep operations and technology experience in the mortgage space.  We have had helped companies ranging from 1-man-band brokers to mortgage banks originating upwards of 500 loans per month.

Glenbrook Processing Systems Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Processing, Inc.


Guru Amrit Khalsa



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Having nearly 30 years’ experience in the business process outsourcing industry, Guru Amrit has helped everyone from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies cut turnaround times and drive down overhead costs. In 2002 he saw an opportunity to apply his experience to the Mortgage Industry when he started Nationwide Processing. Since that time he has helped numerous mortgage origination companies more efficiently create mortgage loans.


Sandy Ravindranath

Vice President of Operations


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Working various positions throughout the business process outsourcing industry, Sandy gained an in depth skill set of how to effectively and efficiently tackle administrative driven processes.  In 2002 he started in the mortgage industry and has since then been involved in every aspect of the mortgage manufacturing process from beginning to end.


Mike Pierce

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


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Having worked in the residential construction industry for so many years, Mike saw firsthand that a successful mortgage was vital to the overall housing process.  Today Mike spends his days visiting with mortgage companies helping them determine how to best utilize outsourced mortgage production services in their workflows.